Why Choose Stealth?

Top-notch Destruction Techniques - The destruction of your material is done on-site and can be witnessed via video monitor. Your sensitive information remains completely secure until it is shredded.

Certificate of Destruction - After the successful shredding of your information, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction verifying that all confidential information has been destroyed on-site and will not reach the hands of wrongdoers.

Exceptional Customer Service - Your business needs are our priority. We are dedicated to ongoing trusted relationships.

Cost Effective Destruction - Cost based on a per container rate vs. the "by-the-minute" or "by-the-pound" model.

State-of-the-Art Equipment - Our equipment is by design faster and more efficient than our competitors. This efficiency allows us to pass cost savings to our customers.

Destroy it all - Regardless of material our shredding technology & equipment can destroy it all. Video tapes, staples, binders, CD's, heavy clips, nothing it too tough for Stealth. Even better, you can put all materials in the same bin.

Environmentally Friendly - 100% of shredded material is recycled.

Our Accolades

Two year award winner of
"Best of Business to Business"

Formally of Portsmouth, VA now located in Chesapeake, VA

2010 Small Business of the Year

2010 Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
(Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce)

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Stealth is Green!

We proudly recycle all our customer's fully destroyed materials to help protect the environment.

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