Our Services

Based on our clients needs Stealth Shredding has put both time and effort into establishing a set of services that are highly sought after, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Stealth’s services range from advising, scanning and imaging, to traditional document destruction.

Explore our wide range of services below:

Information Protection Advising

Over 60 years combined experience in the shredding and security professions Stealth not only specializes in the destruction of your sensitive material but also in the advising against potential security threats. Our advisors become personally involved with your destruction program and offer ongoing advising suggestions to help increase your security. No client is too large or small for our experience advisors

Document/Data Destruction

Our document/data destruction service offers on-site data destruction. The destruction process is extremely quick and effective, completely destroying any quantity of documents, hard drives, back up-tapes, CD’s/DVDs, diskettes, video tapes, memory devices, etc.


Records Storage & Management

The records management service is not limited to only the destruction aspect of RM. Stealth also offers the process of maintaining the records within an organization from the time they were created until the eventual disposal. This may include classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or in some cases, archival preservation) of records.

Scanning & Imaging

In todays e-society scanning & imaging is an imperative step within any company to help maintain current records. Stealth offers high-volume scanning of documents that are able to be exported in various formats. We also offer document scanning from A to E size paper, from small receipts to well logs, B&W, color, single sided or double sided, bound documents, and more.

Residential Shredding

No need to fuss with the transportation of heavy boxes! With the help of our high-end mobile shredders Stealth is able to move the shredding operation to you. Whether a personal residence or place of business Stealth is mobile and ready-to-shred.